Espresso coffee in Milan since 1947


A unique balance between flavors, aroma and coffee taste


The best coffee blends for bars and restaurant


Espresso coffee in Milan since 1947

A unique balance between flavors, aroma and coffee taste


The best coffee blends for bars and restaurant


Haiti Coffee Roasting Company history

Since 1947 coffee producers in Milan

Haiti Coffee Corporation was founded in 1947 in the Navigli neighbourhood of Milan. We both produce and provide assistance to our clients throughout the making of the quintessential Italian product: the espresso



For more than 70 years we have been following carefully all the production stages from the selection of green coffee, to the roasting process, to the creation of the various blends. 

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Haiti Coffee Corporation takes care of coffee roasting, blending and packaging for brands and customers

Coffee roasting
for third parties

Haiti Coffee Company plants are well known and appreciated in Milan and all over Italy in the coffee sector. Many clients and brands rely on our services as far as coffee roasting, blending and packaging are concerned. Customers are therefore spared all the problems related to the production process. Customers

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Private Customers

produzione-caffe-milano-haiti products and bar services

Coffee blends for bar

The Haiti Milano coffee blends for bars are carefully designed to make coffee served in a cup with a proper balance of flavor, aroma and taste. Bars and restaurants need to give their customers a memorable taste experience for coffee, which is why they choose us.

Assistance for coffee

Professionalism and timeliness have always distinguished Haiti Torrefazione Milano in offering its customers a free technical assistance service on all machines for any type of problem.

The bartender’s equipment

A professional equipment to make excellent coffee is essential for the bartender. To satisfy this need, Haiti Coffee Corporation provides its customers with the best equipment available. Before installation, we make site inspections to see the necessary dimensions and evaluate together with our customers the equipment set for the coffees products.

Tips for bartender

The task of Haiti Coffee Corporation is not just limited to buy green coffee, roast it and sell coffee. Our biggest task is to give advice to bartenders for the management of their coffee bars. 

Coffee at home 

At the bar, in the restaurant and even at home

A wide range of blends for all tastes, for all occasions.

Haiti Coffee Roasting

The brochure describes the characteristics of roasting coffee, products and assistance of Haiti coffee roasting company Milan.


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