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The study of the blend

The right proportions of «Arabica» and «Robusta», 7 types of coffee of different origin: Haiti Milano Roasting Coffee Company recipe for the best coffee

The art of coffee-making lies in the blend. In Haiti Milano Coffee Corporation we believe we have been gifted with the talent of the expert coffee roaster, the one who knows how to create the best coffee blend by using the right proportions of «Arabica» and «Robusta», so to amalgamate them harmoniously. The true coffee roaster, though, has to know how to preserve the blend, besides knowing how to create it.

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Each coffee harvest presents specific variations that have to be assessed. 

All Haiti Milano Roasting’ blends are composed by no less than 7 types of coffee of different origin: Central and Southern American «Arabica», and African and Asian «Robusta».

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