Haiti Coffee Roasting Company history:
since 1947 coffee producers in Milan

Haiti Coffee Corporation was founded in 1947 in the Navigli neighbourhood of Milan.
We both produce and provide assistance to our clients throughout the making of the quintessential Italian product: the espresso. Haiti Coffee Corporation has played a prominent role in the coffee market for years, providing blends suited to each taste. After starting off with a handcrafted production, we have developed over the years by acquiring new sophisticated systems and cutting-edge equipment; both the original aroma and the taste of our coffee have remained unchanged, as we managed to maintain an artisan roasting quality standard. In 1999 Haiti Coffee Roasters decided to start a cooperation with the firm “Moka Brasil”, who are also coffee roasters based in Milan. From this twinning initiative new products and services to our clients have been generated, at lower costs.


Haiti Coffee Roasting Company:
How to find us

The Haiti Coffee Roasting’ headquarters are situated in Milan’s historical and charming Navigli neighbourhood.
On the river bank named “Naviglio Grande”, between the locations of the two sport canoeing associations “Milano” and “Olona”, you will find our headquarters, where we have been producing high quality coffee since 1947.

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