haiti processo di tostatura caffe

Coffee roasting process

An art which Haiti Coffee Roasting has been refining for the last 70 years

70 years ago at Haiti Milano Coffee Corporation there was a person in charge of controlling manually a wood coffee roaster. Coffee used to be a product of craftsmanship. Today we are equipped with a completely automated coffee roasting plant, which can also be used manually. The human component, with all its experience, is still a fundamental element of the production process. This truly constitutes a real added value to Haiti Coffee Roasters – Milan. Within 15-20 minutes we are able to roast around 120 kg of green coffee, out of which we obtain about 98 kg of roasted coffee. To carry out the roasting process we first put in hot air, starting from 500°C, and then we decrease the temperature, until reaching 350°C.


Once roasted, the coffee has to be cooled down quickly

At Haiti Milano Coffee Corporation we use only cold air to do so and we guarantee not to use water, which would alter the aroma and unfairly increase the weight. In the past we used to roast together different varieties of raw coffee in order to get blended aromas. Today we roast it separately, following the proper roasting recipe for each and every variety. The blending is done after the roasting. The aroma of the Haiti Coffee and its final cup quality are determined by such specific choices.

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