Coffe Blends for bar and restaurants

What Haiti Coffee Roasting can offer to coffee bars

Haiti Coffee Roasting’s bar blends are well thought out with great care to provide a cup quality with a fully satisfactory balance of flavours, aroma and body. All blends contain at least 6 types of coffee of different origin. It is impossible to think that there could exist one single blend which can meet all expectations, we all have our own tastes and requirements that differ from the others’. Some appreciate very light-coloured, mild and acidic coffee. Others appreciate robust-flavoured, heavy-bodied and non-acidic coffee. This is why we have thought of three different blends. But our real point of strength is that we are able to tailor-make personalised blends according to our customers’ wishes.

Haiti coffee three stars

A proportioned balance of «Arabica» and «Robusta» varieties. Seven different varieties of coffee make its flavour steady in time and rich in flavours which, although differing from one another, yet are harmoniously balanced.

Haiti coffee special

A rather full-bodied flavour due to its African origin. The presence of Central American «Arabica» lends a palatable acidic after taste.

Haiti coffee gold

The presence of a great quantity of «Arabica» characterises its very delicate flavour with a full bodied texture and intense aroma.

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